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Our Partners 

Heir to the Crypto Empire



Join us on an epic journey to the marketing side of the Force.

At Dork Vader, we don’t just navigate the charts; we master the galactic war with precision and strategy. Embrace the dork side with us and secure your crypto’s supremacy!


Embrace Your Inner Dork, One Coin at a Time!

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DORK tokens.

  • Burned: 33% burned for dorky profits. “Order 56 to Burn all remaining Tokens”

  • Reserved for CEX/Partnerships:18.4% for epic collaborations.

  • Reserved for DorkDao: 16.5%

  • Rewards/Staking Pool: 19.1%

  • Team Wallet--5% Locked on Pinklock w/vesting

  • Presale: 4.2% for early dork adopters.

  • DEX/Liquidity: 3.8% for stable dorky trading.

  • Decentralization: No mint or freeze, LP burned.

General value Proposition

Where Crypto Marketing Meets the Force!


Journey to the Dork Side

Phase 1: Launching into Hyperspace

  • Fairlaunch: Fair start for all dork enthusiasts.

  • Airdrop to all early Dork Adopters: Completed, building a foundation of initial support.

Phase 2: Rallying the Rebel Alliance

  • Initial Marketing Blitz: Spread the dorky gospel far and wide.

  • Building the Dork Community: Gather fellow rebels for a vibrant community.

Phase 3: Crafting the Dork Vader Empire

  • Dork Vader Volume Bot: Successfully launched, generating high transaction volumes to create a lively market.

  • Development of Dork Vader Dork Star: Revolutionize the crypto galaxy.

Phase 4: Expanding the Dork Universe

  • Mobile Billboard Bot: Launched, advertising across high-traffic areas, enhancing visibility and engagement.

  • Forging Alliances: Expand the reach of the Dork Vader universe.

  • Collaborative Ventures: Unlock new opportunities for dorky profits.

Phase 5: Infinite Dorky Possibilities

  • Staking Protocol Introduction: Within the next weeks, introduce a staking protocol powered by Armada, allowing users to stake DorkVader tokens and earn rewards.

  • Continuous Development: Stay ahead of the curve with community feedback.

Join the Dork Side Today!

Embark on a journey to the dork side with Dork Vader. 

Contact us

Questions? Ask Away, Young Padawan!

Have questions about Dork Vader, our mission, or the dorky universe of crypto? We're here to enlighten you! Feel free to reach out with any inquiries, musings, or dorky jokes you may have. Our team of dorky jedis is standing by, ready to assist you on your journey to the dork side.

Meet Our Team


(CEO & Founder):

Role: Supreme Leader of the Dork Side

Dork Bio: With a lightsaber sharp mind and a penchant for puns, Dork Vader rules the crypto empire with equal parts wit and wisdom. When not plotting the downfall of boring finance, you can find him perfecting his dorky laugh and rewatching the Star Wars saga for the umpteenth time.



Role: Chief Rebel Officer

Dork Bio: The brains behind the operation, Leia Bitwalker navigates the treacherous waters of crypto with the grace of a Jedi and the sass of a princess. Whether she's leading the rebellion against centralization or cracking jokes in the cantina, Leia is the heart and soul of Dork Vader.



Role: Chief Tinker Officer

Dork Bio: Fast ship, fast code! Han So-Solo is the resident tech geek with a knack for navigating the asteroid fields of blockchain development. When he's not tinkering with smart contracts or outrunning Imperial blockchains, he's busy smuggling memes into the crypto galaxy.


(Community Manager):

Role: Wookiee of the People

Dork Bio: The friendliest Wookiee this side of Kashyyyk, ChewbItz is the furry face behind Dork Vader's vibrant community. With a roar that can be heard across the galaxy and a heart as big as the Death Star, ChewbItz welcomes new members with open arms and a never-ending supply of dorky jokes.

Copyright @2024 Dork Vader.  Embrace the dork side while delving into the world of crypto!

Do or do not invest?
With Dork Vader, there's no try, just Dorky Success!

Join our Telegram channel for the latest dorky updates and interact with fellow dorks. And don't forget to follow us on social media to stay connected with Dork Vader's empire!

Humor Meets Marketing

Embrace the light side of the Force with humor-infused marketing campaigns that are anything but boring. Dork Vader unites cosmic creativity and strategic insights to make crypto marketing engaging and fun.

Dork Vader Mobile Bot Armada

Command your marketing with our fleet of Dork Vader Mobile Bots, designed to navigate the complex terrain of digital marketing with precision. These bots are your first line of defense and offense in the crypto cosmos.

Mobile Billboard Bot Invasion

Witness the power of the Mobile Billboard Bot, storming through high-traffic areas with dynamic, real-world advertisements. From urban centers to intergalactic spaces, these bots bring your message to life, ensuring visibility in every corner of the galaxy.

Strategic Alliances and Galactic Outreach

Forge alliances with fellow crypto enthusiasts through innovative campaigns that span both digital and physical realms. Our strategies are crafted not just to attract attention, but to convert passersby into loyal followers of the dork side.


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